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Your Brainstorming Session

After 15 minutes and 2 seconds I had created 59 blog post ideas. After 25 minutes and 53 seconds I had hit blog post ideas. When the timer ran out I had blog ideas written down. I say only, but you know what I mean. Obviously, this type of post is your very subjective opinion on something, and should always remind the readers that this is the case. People want to know if a book like this is worthwhile or not, so do share!

Tutorial Comparative Post: Comparative posts are great. Re-purpose post: If you have a post that was quite popular, why not re-purpose it into an infographic or slideshare? Anyways, reverse psychology posts are posts that work on your fears. Your gender? These are important perspectives that people can relate to. For example, Being a Black Female Comic.

Why not write about how you deal with bad ones? Which ones you find constructive and which are you favorite?

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What lessons have informed your current career? If you have advice on managing your workload, share it! If you also get people asking what you do a lot, why not write a post about it?

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Dictionary: Are there lots of new terms related to your industry? Make it easy for newbies by making a dictionary for them! Customer Appreciation: Put a spotlight on one of your favorite customers and write all about them and your relationship with them. This is a great way to humaise your business and show your customers that you really do care! The first part should start with the more basic information and the last with the more advanced information. The post can be based on the philosophy or you can use a philosophy that supports your point of view. Thanks to SmartArt in Word applications, you can make graphs right from the comfort of Word.

But it was that adrenaline which actually helped me create so many ideas in such a short space of time! I also came up with some really interesting ideas that I never thought about before. I went through the entire list and marked down exactly what actions if any had been taken on each of them.

I had four categories:. Photo courtesy of Sarah Burke. For me, the results demonstrate a huge success: The month following this challenge I was never stuck for ideas and my editorial schedule is planned all the way up to December now. Thanks for reading! I would not have thought I could do this, it was a fantastic exercise!

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Thank you so much. I might even right a post about it which would make but not technically within the half hour time frame. Time efficient and productive — What more could you want! Sorry about that! Thanks for coming to visit! Hi Sarah, I love this idea. I often think that my brain works best under pressure, so I think I will be taking this challenge myself and seeing what I can do with it! Great Idea.

Two question. How many of these posts do you think will really write? How many of these do you think will become a series? Rap Battle Are you looking for an energetic warming up to your brainstorm? Look no further, it's time for a rap battle! A fast and fun method to get the group in a creative and competitive mindset. Association Machine Gun The Association Machine Gun is ideal when your group is already warmed up or experienced in creative thinking.

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The Association Machine Gun is based on the premise that any word or image can lead to new associations. When you apply these associations to your problem, they can make for amazing new ideas! Board Of Directors Imagine that your board of directors consists out of 5 very special characters. How would they run your business? Brain Fusion When you release the power of Brain Fusion you risk melting your brain. So use its power wisely! Brain Fusion is a quick fire association technique which fuses the brainstorm question with our cards. Brainwriting Explore many threads of thought in high speed!

Brainwriting is perfect for teams with a couple of quiet teammembers. Yes, we mean every team ever. Fun fact: this method has been proven scientifically! Elements Of Elephants Every animal or location has something special that can open the door to a world of new ideas.

30 Minutes to Brainstorm Great Ideas (30 Minutes Series)

Explore with the Elements Of Elephants! Fantastic Four With the Fantastic Four you will discover the superpowers of four totally different cards after which you can use those powers to come up with crazy ideas extremely quick! Hammer That Nail Think from the point of view of an object and discover new solutions to your problem. Well, you can use that object to solve your own problem too! HIT Combine two concepts that, at first sight, seem to have nothing to do with each other. The HIT method is a big bang for your brain!

Hybrid Are you developing a new product? Or could your current product use an innovative update? Merge your product with an object-card to discover new functionalities. Superhero Walk a mile in the shoes of a superhero! Discover how they would solve your problems.