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Sometimes he is known as the god of fire but this title is also given to Vulcan or Hephaestus. Apollo was one of the Twelve Olympians , the 12 most important gods in Greek mythology. Because of this, there are many myths about him:. Apollo and his twin sister Artemis were the children of Zeus , the king of the Greek gods, and the goddess Leto.

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When Leto became pregnant, Zeus already had a wife, the queen of the gods Hera. Hera was angry that Zeus was having children with Leto, and cursed Leto so that she could not ever give birth to her kids anywhere on the earth where the sun shone. Hera then sent a serpent called Python to eat her. Python chased Leto to the edge of the sea, where Leto swam to the island of Delos. Python could not swim, however, and had to leave her alone. The island of Delos was at that time just a big rock floating on the sea, not really an island yet, so it wasn't "on the earth".

So Leto climbed under the shade of a palm tree and gave birth to her daughter Artemis, and then her son Apollo. Delos then became Apollo's and Artemis sacred land. When Apollo grew up, he went to his father Zeus and asked for a golden bow with arrows as bright and sharp as the sunshine. Then he went looking for a place to build his temple. He came to a spring that belonged to a nymph called Telephusa and tried to build his temple there, but Telephusa suggested he build his temple at Delphi instead, since there was already a shrine there to Themis, the goddess of telling the future.

Apollo went to Delphi, but found out it was taken over by Python, the dragon who had tried to eat his mother. He killed the Python with a hundred arrows and claimed Delphi as his own temple. He got two sailors to be his priests and then gave a girl the power of telling the future. The girl became his priestess, or oracle.

The little god Eros , the son of the love-goddess Aphrodite, had watched Apollo kill Python and worshiped Apollo as his idol. Apollo, however, was annoyed by Eros and insulted him. Eros got angry and shot Apollo with his magic arrow, making him fall in love with a nymph named Daphne.

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Daphne didn't love Apollo and shunned him. Apollo chased her and she turned herself into a laurel tree to escape him. Apollo still loved her and made the laurel one of his symbols.

Apollo looked after the cattle of the sun-god Helios while Helios was driving the sun through the sky. While Apollo was chasing Daphne, the mischievous baby god Hermes stole the cattle and confused Apollo by making the cattle walk backwards as they left their pen.

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When Apollo went looking for them, it looked like they had walked into the ranch instead of out. Hermes also told a nearby man that he would make him rich if he told no one about what he saw Hermes do. The man, Battos, told Apollo anyway, and was later turned into a stone by Hermes as punishment. On approach to the planet, the ship encountered what appeared, visually, to be an enormous, translucent, green Human hand.

In fact, it was a force field, conventional in composition but on unusual wavelengths, generated by Apollo. This field was powerful enough to stop the ship, and impulse engines could not break the ship free. Attempts to push it away with the tractor beam , and to reverse its polarity were equally unsuccessful in disrupting it. In addition to merely holding the ship, Apollo could exert pressure beyond the ship's tolerance, and in this fashion, threaten the ship. Spock was eventually able to pierce the field with powerful bursts of M-rays on carefully calculated wavelengths.

Although this did not destroy the field, it enabled the Enterprise to fire her phasers. Prior to in the alternate reality , it had been speculated that the USS Franklin 's disappearance was possibly the result of an encounter with "a giant, green space hand" possibly being that of Apollo. Star Trek Beyond. Apollo could alter his physical form and the forms of material objects in his vicinity.

He could hurl lightning -like energy bolts, interfere with Federation technology , transform Starfleet uniforms into ancient Greek clothing by simply waving his hand, transport himself and others from place to place, and alter the weather at least locally.

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His senses extended great distances; while on the surface of his world, he was able to sense happenings on the bridge of the Enterprise and project his image and voice into her equipment for the purpose of conversation. Apollo at one point claimed he could wipe out a man with a gesture, and bring him back again as easily.

But he never demonstrated this particular ability. A tricorder scan registered Apollo as a normal humanoid , but with an extra organ in his chest whose function was unknown to McCoy. It was presumed that this organ permitted him to tap a powerful field of energy generated within his temple. Even with this ability, Apollo occasionally overextended himself, requiring a brief period of rest during which his vitality was restored.

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Presumably, then, the organ tapped the energy field, stored some quantity of energy, and made that energy responsive to Apollo's wishes. After the temple was destroyed, Apollo demonstrated that he still possessed some abilities when he expanded his corporeal form. However, from his reaction to the temple's destruction, it seems likely that when he expended the last of his stored energy, he would be powerless, or nearly so.

The depiction of Apollo in "Who Mourns for Adonais" was considerably changed during the episode's rewrite process. Writer and story editor D.

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Fontana offered, " He was [originally] something of an empty character and we needed to give him more character, more interaction with our regular leads. Apollo was played by actor Michael Forest. This portrayal varied from how Apollo has usually been depicted in mythological and artistic tradition, since the character is normally golden haired. The original casting choice for the role, Jon Voight is indeed blonde-haired. Roman gods which were based on Greek counterparts also appear on planet IV , yet it is unknown if Apollo and his compatriots visited this world as well or if the similarity is due to some other reason.

Captain Kirk also shows little reaction to the Roman Gods when he learns of them, even though he had already met Apollo by that point. The "giant green hand" shown in the credits of Star Trek Beyond. In the credits for Star Trek Beyond , what appears to be Apollo's "giant green hand" can been seen floating in space — a callback to Montgomery Scott 's line regarding the mysterious disappearance of the USS Franklin earlier in that film.

In the comic book story " A Rude Awakening! Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Multiple realities covers information from several alternate timelines. For additional meanings of "Apollo", please see Apollo. The design of Apollo in Apollo 17 was based upon the Apollo of Belvedere. This statue from antiquity was housed in the Vatican.

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