Manual Gas transfer at the air-water interface in a turbulent flow environment

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Liss, P. Processes of gas exchange across an air-water interface. Deep-sea Res. Broecker, H.

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The influence of wind on CO2-exchange in a wind-wave tunnel including the effects of monolayers. Marine Res. Wanninkhof, R. Relationship between wind speed and gas exchange over the ocean. Iwano, K. Effect of fetch and entrained bubbles on mass transfer velocity across the wind-driven air-water interface with wave breaking. Mass transfer velocity across the breaking air-water interface at extremely high wind speeds.

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    Zorbubbles (Producing flow regimes in air-water flow)

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    Turbulent Flows with a Gas-Liquid Interface

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    • Gas transfer across a wind-driven air-water interface and the effects of sea water on CO2 transfer. Jahne, B. McCready, M. Computer simulation of turbulent mass transfer at a mobile interface. Turney, D. Air-water gas transfer and near-surface motions.

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      Turbulent Flows with a Gas-Liquid Interface

      Takenobu Michioka, Mr. Tomoaki Kitano, and Mr. Yuta Tsujimoto for his help in developing the code and useful discussions. Correspondence to Naohisa Takagaki. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4. Water Resources Research Advances in Water Resources International Journal of Hydrogen Energy By submitting a comment you agree to abide by our Terms and Community Guidelines. If you find something abusive or that does not comply with our terms or guidelines please flag it as inappropriate.

      Article metrics. Advanced search. Skip to main content. Subjects Mechanical engineering Physical oceanography. Abstract The mass transfer across a sheared gas-liquid interface strongly depends on the Schmidt number. Introduction Mass transfer phenomena across gas-liquid interfaces are often seen in geophysical and industrial processes, and such mass transfer is believed to be enhanced by wind-driven turbulence i. Therefore, can be restored by Q shown as: where they defines as. In this study, the simple filtering shown as: is used. Full size image. Results and Discussion The mass transfer coefficient on the liquid side, k L , Eq.

      Table 1: Predicted characteristics of gas flow and wind waves. Full size table. Figure 2: Sketch of zero-up cross method. Figure 5: Relationship between measured and modeled values of mass transfer coefficients on both gas and liquid sides. Present values of k L,model are estimated using equation 8.

      Conclusions In this study, a three-dimensional SEMI-DNS method was applied to a wind-driven turbulence with mass transfer across a sheared wind-driven wavy gas-liquid interface, and the relationship between mass transfer coefficient, k L , and Schmidt number, Sc , was investigated in the wide range of 0. Additional Information How to cite this article : Takagaki, N. References 1. Article Google Scholar 2. Article Google Scholar 3. Article Google Scholar 4. Article Google Scholar 5.

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