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K; Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed.

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Tarleton Marcia L. Freidberg David A. Baskin Alice M. Mathews- Anna C. Gosling - Timothy L. Townsend-Stone Donal P. Hinely David Minor v. David A. Boyd John L. Vahlenkamp Christopher R. Demers" Ingrid D. Watson " Patty P. Mamula Scott A. Stockton - Gary B. Ward- Daniel K. Savant Barry V. Smith Shirley T. Urbanczyk Carol L. Owen Myra W. Hafer Michael F.

Maybe someday we can all chip and and buy Mr. James Roche some boxes of unbreakable chalk. The members of his Calculus BC class, all five of them, could get him nice new clothes, as well. But we still have to respect a man who knows that the integral is the inverse of the derivative remember, you had no right to expect that. His favorite hobbies are watching St. Elsewhere and Hill Street Blues while marking test papers. Brother James is a regular Pierre Curie in Chemistry. Hey, Brother, why is this funny black smoke eating through the table?

Brother Thomas Dunn, "The Equalizer," is known for his generosity and perfection; he is the only teacher at La Salle to never have made a mistake, only some minor oversights.

University of South Florida yearbook. (1987)

John Friz. Calculus; Asst. Track Coach.

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Michul Ponisciak is a math analysis and statistics genius. As half of La Salle's first husband and wife combination, Mr. Maureen Dugan represents the true essence of the Math Department. Science Mr. He is strictly a scientist when teaching Physical Science and A. Biology, but he also attends as many La Salle sporting events as humanly possible, and teaches the rigorous athletic training course. He is the only man who can get you into shape and explain how your cells use your body's energy at the same time. Cerald Evans, the pride and joy of the Biology department, is sometimes mistaken for Richie Cunningham.

Rumor has it that he reads out of the book when teaching his A. Biology class, but we know better, don't we?

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Actually, he does manage to liven up the Krebs cycle and the internal organels of a cell with a talent that only Darwin would appreciate. Notice how we didn't call him "Opie" once? Dorothy Ponisciak doesn't say "If you will" too much at all. She has also dismissed the rumor that she can talk forever without taking a gasp of air to our. But seriously, Mrs.

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  • Ponisciak, why can't we put hydrochloric acid on alumnium fom "Fellas, you're supposed to be 17, not 7. Anthony Amand, the Richard simmons of the faculty, still finds time to discuss his two favorite subjects, narcotics and alcohol. When not teaching floundering freshmen to swim, he can actually be found teaching health that may be only a rumor, though.

    The teaching of Biology is lead by Brother Talbot Ramsbottom. With over 27 years of dedication with the Christian Brothers, we are sure he has been forming future La Salle Biologists. Rumor has it that Mr. Robert Russell lives in the computer room, only venturing out occasinally to teach Physics class. When he does teach a Physics class, he is best known for pronouncing the books answers wrong. Howwever, it must be noted that he teaches more AP courses than anyone else at La Salle two. The Lasalle community would like to welcome Ms. Linda Means and Bro. Randolph Quinn, both have proven to be excellent additions to the Science Department.

    Irene Pawlish is another example of the dedicated teacher here at LaSalle. His easygoing approach to teaching and lively sense of humor keep all of his classes interesting. As he once said in. When not coaching baseball, reading minds, or teaching Arabic, Mr. Joseph Parisi finds time to teach his regular or perhaps irregular would be a better word classes, passing on his mindreading trick 10 seniors after he teaches them how to spell.

    John Grace while he. Now if we could only get him to buy some moustache clippers, okay, menl Social Studies Department Chairman, Mr. Joseph Colislra is a very imposing figure at la Salle. When people see him walking the halls, they generally tend to get out of his way. Now, if this could only rub off on his football players He is an excellent soccer coach and he can teach a little history too. What a manl Mr.

    Miller is described as the "presence" of laSalle. Baseball coach.

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    John Cr.. Brother Aloysius Lumley is certainly the best friend of La Salle's freshmen. Though he is hardly seen in the classroom, Mr. Pat Devine is a great asset te the La Salle faculty. Devine also teaches Christian Marriage. Good luck.