Manual Power Electronic Modules: Design and Manufacture

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Part of this time has been as memory products manager at General Instruments Microelectronic Division.

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His experiences include design and marketing of solid-state relays, hybrid integrated circuits, MOS integrated circuits, and semiconductor memories. Colino is a member of IEEE and the author of several technical papers. He holds several patents in the integrated circuit field.

The insulating substrate serves as the supporting structure for the circuitry of the power module. It is also a base for mechanical support for all active and passive chip components. It must be strong enough to withstand different environmental stresses.

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Electrically, it must be an insulator to isolate various conductive paths of the circuit. It must be able to withstand an RMS AC voltage 50 to 60 Hz of V applied between any terminal and the case, including the base plate, for a one-minute duration. It must have sufficient thermal conductivity to remove the heat generated by the components. In addition, a high degree of surface smoothness is required for adhesion of films, fine conductor lines, and spacings. The authors compare these samples in terms of thermal-electrical performance, thermal-mechanical performance, physical characteristics, and cost.


The growing importance of power modules has led to numerous but scattered journal and conference articles. Clearly written, authoritative, and well organized, this is a practical, up-to-date reference that forms a unique, one-stop handbook for their design and manufacture.

Power Electronic Modules Designing and building power semiconductor modules requires a broad, interdisciplinary base of knowledge and experience, ranging from semiconductor materials and technologies, thermal management, and Rental Time perpetual. Our markets include medical, aerospace, industrial and national laboratories. Submit your work.

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Exhibitor profiles. We also provide an extensive range of rental power systems. We specialize in High Voltage Power and Isolation.

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Electronic components and systems Simulation software Standard and custom products The product range includes semiconductors, switches, capacitors, resistors, heat sinks and simulation software.